Solutions to our country’s biggest challenges are
right here in Kansas.
— Nancy Boyda

Why I’m Running

I’m running for US Senate for one reason: to show that we CAN come together and break the gridlock that divides and paralyzes this beloved country of ours.  

Our enemies know that dividing us from the inside is more destructive than nuclear weapons.  Our young people see the huge challenges facing their futures and wonder why nothing is progress made. All they see is two sides tearing at each other. Trust is broken. And one thing is for sure.....without trust there  can’t be hope. 

When I went to Congress in 2007, getting the right and left to work together was my calling.  It did not work.  

This time will be different.  This time I will do the work of bringing people together BEFORE I get to Washington.



“Centrists are natural problem solvers. Centrists seek out and value diversity of opinion. Centrists operate out of curiosity not fear. Abraham Lincoln was a centrist.”

-Nancy Boyda

There are 3 million people in the great state of Kansas.....330 million in our country. No politician can please everyone. I know I can't.

Politicians promise they will go to Washington and change things. Politicians tell people what they want to hear and promise things they know they can't deliver. And the candidate who runs the nastiest, most negative campaign wins....regardless if those nasty ads were even true.

And then..... we wonder why we've lost trust in our elected officials.

Some call me a moderate. More accurately I'm a centrist. Moderates land in the middle of the binary right/left spectrum. They often rely on compromise....meaning if you give me something I'll give you something. But the national debt goes higher and higher, and the underlying problems are never addressed.

Centrists are natural problem solvers. Centrists seek out and value diversity of opinion. Centrists operate out of curiosity not fear. Abraham Lincoln was a centrist.

The vast majority of Kansans will be overwhelmingly relieved to hear I’m a centrist. I know….some may not. Some will think I'm taking the centrist position because it is the only path to victory after 82 years. But…it's simply who I am. We are stronger when we come together. I am committed to showing the entire nation that Kansans can break the gridlock. It will take all of us.

And yes…specific policies will be coming soon. Please stay tuned!!


Why Do I Recommend Nancy Boyda?

Oh, “Let me count the ways!”


The Kansas City Star, July 2019

“I have one message and that is that Kansans will show the entire country that we can break this gridlock”

-Nancy Boyda

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The Topeka Capital-Journal, April 2019

“I think Kansans are really, really tired of all the drama nationally and certainly in our state in the past eight or nine years”

-Nancy Boyda

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WIBW, July 2019

“Boyda…wants to… ‘step out of the political process’ to solve problems, with the well-being of children the first concern.”

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KVOE, July 2019

“Boyda says campaign finance practices and gerrymandering are big reasons why politicians don't ‘work across the aisle,’ and she says her whole campaign is dedicated to breaking gridlock.”

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